Welovefine Tee Shirt Contest #3 – Now with 100% More Lauren Faust!

The third installment of Welovefine’s MLP Tee Design Contest is about to begin!  With the last few being so incredibly popular, I suppose this was inevitable.

It looks like they actually grabbed Lauren Faust herself as a guest judge! Yeah, I had to double-take at that too.   Hope you guys are ready to impress her!

The actual submission page appears to still be under construction, but I will let you all know when it opens up!

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Plushie Compilation #46

Big Macintosh sure is a great brother and now he's a great plush as well! This has to be the best one I've seen of our pony of few words.

Check out more plush ponies after the break!

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Story Updates March 7th (Evening)

Story update time! Just three this time around.  Check them out below.

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Comic: Well Buck… / The Muffin Quest / Angel First / Beyond her Garden

Comic time! Lots of good ones this time around, everything from Flutterbitch to a visual version of Beyond her Garden.  Click for full as always. 

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1080p Friendship is Magic Now on iTunes

Good news! With the new iTunes 10.6 update, it looks like 1080p pony downloads are fully available.  All you need to do is update your program, and hit edit–>Preferences–>Store, then select 1080p instead of 720. 

The bad news? iTunes doesn’t downscale it for lower resolution monitors.

Best program ever….  You will need to download the lower 720/480 if you don’t have a monitor that supports full HD,  (my laptop that is connected to my 1080 TV for example).  I’m sure there are workarounds out there,  but the default iTunes setup straight up refuses to play them. 

Now go upgrade your pony!

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YTPMV: On to Ponytown / PONYBUSCUS / Bridle Blues

YTPMV Time! Two games and a random. Check them out below.

1.) Cave Pony – On to Ponytown
3.) Super Meat Brony: Bridle Blues

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McDonalds Ponies Boxes

With the official release of these guys coming out in a few days, you may be wondering how exactly McDonalds will be receiving them.  Thunder Vision sent this image of the unopened box sets coming to his specific restaurant.  It does look like the stocking sheet was pretty accurate on that front.  Each pony comes bundled with another right out of the factory. 

As is the norm for McDonalds though, exact dates and releases are never guaranteed, so you may get something completely different than what you spect.

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