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Story: Rampant (Update Part 2!)

[Adventure][Grimdark][Comedy] Author: Vehlek Description: Some kind of illness has swept across the land, infecting every pony alive or dead with a bloodlust never seen in ponies’ history. Canterlot lies burning, but the fates of Celestia and Luna are unknown. Society … Continue reading

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Story: Striped Like Me

[Random][Comedy] Author: Fernin Description: M.L.P’s Bridle Gossip, but slightly redone; Applejack’s now alone in her Poison Joke fun. Should she trust Zecora to set things to rights, or will our farm pony forever wear stripes? Striped Like Me Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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Story: The Virtuous Sister (Update Part 6!)

[Normal] Author: Some1Else Description: While Celestia is away overseeing the development of a new settlement, Luna receives a letter requesting Celesta’s presence at the Ponyville hospital. Though she lacks an official decree that all her powers as a princess have … Continue reading

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Story: Haunting Nightmare

[Horror] Oh hey! Penstroke is back.  I don’t see a Nyx tag though. Author: Pen Stroke Description: After a party to welcome the season of Nightmare Night, the library becomes the target of strange activity. Minor annoyances prelude greater events, … Continue reading

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Story: Mines of Dragon Mountain (Update Complete!)

[Crossover] More Doctor Whooves! Author: Hephestus Description: After being dropped off by The Doctor Twilight and her fellow TARDIS travelers are made an offer they can’t refuse by rich and powerful CEO Zeitgeist Stardust. With benefits for everypony they set … Continue reading

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Story: The Nightmare After Nightmare Night (Update Complete!)

[Crossover] Author: Saddlesoap Opera Description: It was some time ago, but not too long, you see?In a place that perhaps you have seen on TV. For this story spans places far from pedestrian,Crossing spooky and dark with bright and Equestrian. … Continue reading

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Story: New Neighbors (Update Chapter 11!)

[Normal] It’s OC ponies, so have something unrelated. Author: Multiversity Description: Three new ponies from three different walks of life move to a town we’re all so familiar with. One is cynical, one is frighteningly calm and quiet, and one … Continue reading

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