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Story: Snails’ Big Problem

[Comedy] Cereal derped the link, so here you go! Old comments  can be found here if you want to copy paste over. Author: Squeejee Description: Growing up is a long, hard process. Snails’ Big ProblemAdditional Tags: I’m ashamed for writing … Continue reading

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Story: Vinyl Scratch Is In Wub Wub Wub! (Update Part 4!)

[Shipping][Sad] Oh god it’s dubstep. Author: Thundraprocella Description: Fluttershy, always being the timid, quiet pony she is, never gets out much. During one fit of boredom, she reluctantly goes clubbing with her gang of friends, and enters the delusional world … Continue reading

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Story: A Young Mare’s War

[Adventure] [Dark] All you crazy war fic lovers will probably like this one! Author: Soaring Travels Description: Feeling vulnerable due to the loss of her greatest magic, and besieged by discontent among the masses, Princess Celestia declares a state of … Continue reading

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Story: Falling Stars

[Crossover] [Grimdark] [Adventure] [Sci-Fi]  Heeey! More Battletech.  Enjoy! Author: Author: R. Andrew Szuhay a.k.a. “Rokas” Description: Cosmic accident? Check. Magical Ponies? Check. Giant robotic war machines blasting each other into scrap metal? Check. Let’s do this. Falling Stars Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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Story: The Town: Crime is Magic (Update Part 4!)

[Slightly Dark][Crossover] [Mild Shipping] You guys really will crossover anything. Author: Firmly_Grasp_It Description: The story follows the four-pony armed robbery unit of Tripwire, Willowisp, Deadbolt, and Trixie. Rarity’s family history is explored in depth, and there is plenty of action. … Continue reading

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Story: Sour Apples

 [Sad] Author: lilinuyasha Description: Everypony has to go through tragedy in their lifetime. Applejack’s experiencing the worst kind. Sour Apples Additional Tags: Sad, tragic, tradegy, slice-of-life, dark

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Story: The Shades of Time

[Grimdark] [Sad]Author: GFreeman Description: A stormy day and fated conversation bring Twilight to question the status-quo, but the answers she finds may not be the ones she seeks. The Shades of Time Additional Tags: discovery, message, choice, night, day, twilight

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