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Story: Lunar Eclipse

[Sad] Author: Landmine Description: Luna is about to get everything dreamed of. She will shine like her sister at long last! However, the smallest mistakes can alter what is recorded as history and create a permanent scar on one’s character. … Continue reading

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Story: Guardspony (Updated Part 2!)

[Crossover][Grimdark] Warhammer, with Ponies (Sadly I can’t find an actual 4g pony, so have a marine with Rainbow Dash colors) Author: Steptroll Description: A nerdtastic warhammer 40k crossover of a concept that I’ve been playing around with for a while. … Continue reading

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Story: My Nuclear Dawn + Defcon Game Mod!

[Normal]  The author Swears this isn’t grimdark, but it’s really long!  If you play Defcon, he also included a My Little Pony mod for it!  Check it out below the story link!   Author: Fire Esper Description: Equestria has changed, … Continue reading

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Story: Twi-Dye Sparkle

[Random] Dude…Twilight…. Author: Kris Keegan Description: Twilight Sparkle is invited to go “joking” with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie in Froggy Bottom Bog. She mistakes “Joking” with comedy and was in for a nasty surprise. Twilight hits her first poison … Continue reading

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Story: Given to Fly

[Grimdark-Death, Violence] Not really my cup of tea, but here is some stuff for you grimdark people out there. Description: Applejack is granted wings by Celestia and Dash gets jealous. Given to Fly

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Story: New Tricks

[Grimdark] Sometimes I really hate this tag. A very UNFRIENDLY friend off entry. Disclaimer: Equestria Daily does not condone hate crimes of any kind against Tomboy Rainbow Pegasus’ or any other pony for that matter. Description: Gilda does horrible things … Continue reading

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Story: My Little Sister

[Normal] Time for the first ever Silver Spoon story! Description: Twilight reads a book in an stormy day when suddenly somepony knocked on her door.  My Little Sister

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