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Story: Ponitics

[Shipping] Author: Midli Description: The future lives of Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and her fellow office workers of the “Ministry of Friendship”. A department tasked with promoting tolerance and love across equestria. A socio-political themed story about finding oneself in … Continue reading

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Story: In the Middle

[Normal] Author: NTSTS Description: Snails experiences his first taste of adolescence discussing with his friends who they ‘like’. In the Middle Additional Tags: Middle School, Growing Up, Cute

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Story: COPS: Equestria

[Crossover] [Sad] [Lite-Grimdark] Author: Whysoserious85 Description: The Land of Equestria, on the surface a utopian society. Peace, love, and equality abound here in this land. But even here, crime rears its ugly head, ready to strike at anypony. It is … Continue reading

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Story: Onigokko

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure] Author: GWFan Description: After hearing a rumor about a ghost town and a very special game of tag, Twist and several other kids disappear. The Cutie Mark Crusaders follow the rumor to rescue them, but discover that … Continue reading

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Story: Special

[Normal] Author: Starwind Dood Description: Snips and Snails pester Twilight to teach them magic, so Twilight suggests they enroll at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns in Canterlot. Their parents are less than thrilled by the idea. Will they get in … Continue reading

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