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Story: The Library Club

[Random][Shipping][Comedy] Author: Inky Swirl Description: Spike is getting increasingly worried about Twilight’s computer addiction – and becoming downright disturbed by the amount of time she spends in the basement. In an attempt to discover what’s happening to his best friend, … Continue reading

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Story: Harpflank and Sweets (Update Part 8!)

[Random] [Comedy] [Sci-fi] Author: Arcainum Description: Lyra and Bon Bon defend the bustling metropolis of Metropony City from Luna and her villainous henchpony Trixie's army of robots using only their wits, friendship and arsenal of heavy weaponry. Can they keep … Continue reading

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Story: Hexonxonx

[Dark][Random] Author: Cyanide Description: If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. What if you gaze into the eyes of chaos? Hexonxonx Additional Tags: Chaos, madness, music, dreams, reality

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Story: The Moony Maiden

[Comedy][Random] Author: Dubs Rewatcher Description: It’s been more than a year since Princess Luna’s return to Equestria, and she is making great strides in her language skills. And along with this come a slew of new writing skills. However, Celestia … Continue reading

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Story: Pony Tales

[Normal] [Random] [Comedy] [Sci-fi] Author: Andrew Joshua Talon Description: In a world filled with magic talking ponies, there still exist things twisted, weird and bizarre. These are their stories. Pony Tales Additional Tags: Robots, Wordplay, Weird, SCIENCE!, Humor

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Story: Striped Like Me

[Random][Comedy] Author: Fernin Description: M.L.P’s Bridle Gossip, but slightly redone; Applejack’s now alone in her Poison Joke fun. Should she trust Zecora to set things to rights, or will our farm pony forever wear stripes? Striped Like Me Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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Story: The Snob from Canterlot

[Random][Comedy] Author: John Perry Description: Inspired by a recent reading of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,I bring you this story and if you like rhymes you’ll love this!And though it has none of the brilliance of the great Dr. Seuss,I … Continue reading

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