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Story: Sour Apples

 [Sad] Author: lilinuyasha Description: Everypony has to go through tragedy in their lifetime. Applejack’s experiencing the worst kind. Sour Apples Additional Tags: Sad, tragic, tradegy, slice-of-life, dark

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Story: Equestria War Z: An Oral History of Zombie Pony War (Update Part 4!)

[Grimdark-War] [Crossover] Author: CoffeeGrunt Description: Theatrics call it the Howling Hunger. The religious, the Rapture. The politicians and bureaucrats of the United Equestrian Democracy simply call it “Equestria War Z.” My name is Quill Stroke, and I write these stories … Continue reading

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Story: Pretty in Pink

[Normal] [Sad] Author: David Reinold Description: Everypony tries to cope as the laughter is torn from their lives… Pretty in Pink Additional Tags: Melancholy, Funeral, Revelation, Tear-Jerker, Uplifting

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