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Story: Dusk and Dawn

[Grimdark] Author: 2% Description: Synopsis: Nightmare Moon has won. The world has been engulfed in eternal night. But her reign is far from perfect. For the last seven years, Equestria has been divided by the usurper’s armies and those of … Continue reading

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Story: My Little Star Wars (Update Chapter 8+9+10!)

[Crossover][Adventure] Oh hey! A Star Wars fic finally got through! Author: Draglord2505 Description: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, and populated by ponies for some reason… Twilight Sparkle finds she needs to join the Rebellion to … Continue reading

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Story: Doing the Nasty

[Shipping] [Grim] [Random] [Crossover] Author: Present Perfect Description: Nightmare Moon and Discord have at long last achieved together what they could not do alone: defeating Celestia and conquering all of Equestria. Now that victory is at hand, might their professional … Continue reading

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Story: Nightmares Don’t Last Forever

[Shipping][Comedy] Author: BB Description: The Elements of Harmony are defeated and Nightmare Moon stands on Equestria’s throne as their new Queen. Is Equestria doomed to suffer through night time eternal or will they be… perfectly fine? Twilight finds her new … Continue reading

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Story: Night’s Favored Child (Update Part 6!)

[Normal] Author: Municipal Engines, Assisted By LordOfTheWrongs Description: For almost a thousand years, the immortal Nightmare Moon has reigned over Equestria as Empress. To the average pony, Nightmare Moon is an overarching enigma whose rule is absolute and whose wrath … Continue reading

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Story: Disgaea: Disharmony of Friendship (Update Part 3+Trixie Ending+Part 4)

[Crossover][Adventure][Comedy][Random] Author: Jake Heritagu Description: Twilight Sparkle has finally gotten tired of Overlord Celestia’s tyrannical rule over the Netherworld. No longer being able to stand it anymore she begins a journey to find a way to not only take down … Continue reading

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Story: Peripeteia (Update Part 12+13!)

[Grimdark][Crossover] SLENDERMANE… Tonight is horror night, hope your ready for it! Author: Odd Ranger Description: An otherworldly figure steps into Equestria, and already things take a turn for the disturbing. The girls try to investigate a rash of disappearances and … Continue reading

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