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Everfree Radio Lee Tockar Interview (Voice Actor behind Snips and The Sea Serpent)

For those looking at a bit more insight into the voice acting scene, Everfree has done an interview with Lee Tockar, the voice behind Snips and “Steven Magnet”.   They also included their review of Putting Your Hoof Down. Check it … Continue reading

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(Rumor) Season Finale Synopsis + Twilight Sparkle News

Avoid clicking to avoid spoilers! This was actually sent in from someone who has the physical copy of TV Guide.  It looks like this is a semi-synopsis for the season finale two parter.  It isn't listed anywhere on their website, … Continue reading

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Nightly Roundup #260

I bet a bunch of you are playing this right now!  In fact, someone gave me a banner for it, so up that goes! Thanks to AceSential for that one. Have some roundup. Read more »

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My Little Pony Fair: Information

The My Little Pony Fair is one of the older collector conventions that happens on a yearly basis.  It is not a completely brony-focused event like our personal conventions, but there will be a pretty heavy g4 (Friendship is Magic) … Continue reading

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Welovefine’s Pony Cupcakes Event Coming to a Close

The final week for the Welovefine Cupcake Competition has arrived!   for those looking to enter, this is your final warning to get to the store and grab some baking supplies.  From the look of things, competition is pretty fierce! … Continue reading

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Adult Swim Derpy Bump

Adult Swim recently did a small blurb about us in their "bump" things, primarily about Derpy.  It's pretty negative, but they usually are.  I'm sure a bunch of them watch the show anyway if past versions of these are any … Continue reading

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Adweek Reports on The Hub

Some good news for you all has come out of Adweek today about the Hub and its steady rise as a viable network. While there are only a couple nods to Friendship is Magic and the fanbase, it’s an interesting … Continue reading

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