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Animation: Twilight Goes on a Diet

It's that time of the night once again! We have something completely ridiculous for all the night owls/non-American people.  Why is Twilight speaking Japanese you ask? Who knows! Enjoy! Read more »

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Animation: Drive By / Season 2 Ending

We have two neat ones for you tonight in the animation/flash category! The first is a Vinyl Scratch music video dedicated to the song "Drive By". And following that, we have a mock season 2 ending, if produced by capcom! … Continue reading

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Fluttershy’s 3D Scene Analyzed

I'm sure most of you noticed this crazy 3D style effect in the most recent episode.  It definitely seems to pop out of the screen.   The guy that did the Pinkie Pie walking animation segment from "Smile Smile Smile" has … Continue reading

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Instrumental Music: I’ll always cheer you on / Lunar Phases / A Very… Chaotic Paradigm / A Song For ‽π

It's instrumental time! Genres can be found next to their respectic songs! 1.) I'll always cheer you on – CommandSpry (Drums and Bass)2.) "Lunar Phases" – TJBrony (Electronic Orchestral) 3.) A Very… Chaotic Paradigm Shift (CHAOS Piano) 4.) Psychedelic Brony: … Continue reading

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Beat the Crap out of Things with Twilight Sparkle in Skyrim

It’s good to see our esteemed mod community hard at work creating amazing things like this, now that the Skyrim Creation kit is released.  Clearly stabbing and beheading people with your very own Twilight Sparkle sword and mace combo is … Continue reading

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Music: DERPDay by Derpy Hooves / MLP: The Equestria Train / Journey – Scarlett Peace

Derpy sings her own version of Friday? And It's actually pretty good? I lol'd. Sorry Derpy, I can't take that seriously. Have some vocal stuff! 1.) DERPDay by Derpy Hooves (Rebecca Black – Friday Parody) 2.) MLP: The Equestria Train … Continue reading

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Pony Trailers: World of Ponycraft: Catacylsm // The Mare in Black //

And then Trixie had her own movie and Seth died happy. Speaking of movies, we have two pony trailers here for you: one is for World of Ponycraft and the other is a parody of The Woman In Black. Check … Continue reading

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