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Story: Life on the Frontier (Update PArt 3!)

[Shipping][Comedy] Author: Starwind Dood Description: A love triangle is made as Carrot Top and Little Strongheart compete for Braeburn’s affection, and life will never be the same again! Ditsy gets a taste of cowpony life as she integrates herself into … Continue reading

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Story: The Bear, The Eagle, and The Ponies (Update Part 4!)

[Grimdark] [Sci-Fi] [Crossover] Author: ObssesedNuker Description: When a experiment gone wrong lands a ruthless and powerful foe in the middle of Equestria, Twilight and her friends must put trust in a battered group of human soldiers if they are to … Continue reading

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Story: The Discarded Son

[Normal] [Sad] Author: Gabriel LaVedier Description: Granny Smith is awake late at night, nursing an ailment. She is met by a pony from her past, a part of the Apple family better left forgotten, who will not respect her will. … Continue reading

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Story: Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

[Crossover][Random][Comedy] “This is bloody fantastic” – Pre Reader #Europeanpokefan Author: RaspleZS Description: Miles, an Umbreon turned pony, finds himself in Equestria. To leave that reality, though, he as to ‘battle’ his way into friendship with other ponies. Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend … Continue reading

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