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Story: The Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing

[Sad] This is the last Conversion Bureau fic that we’ll be posting. This one comes highly recommended, though. Author: Windchaser Description: In the many years after the Conversion Bureaus’ shutdown, Twilight Sparkle is tasked by the Princesses with finding the … Continue reading

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Story: Arddun Lleuad (Update: Sequel!)

[Adventure][Shipping] This is a controversial topic, but lets roll with it and see how it goes! It's really long, and he put a lot of work into it, so maybe we can let it slide this time?  In other words, … Continue reading

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Story: Colonization: First Contact

[Dark] [Sci-Fi] Author: G.I.U.L.I.O. Description: A message from Nightmare Moon makes Princess Luna wary of what the stars could bring. When a massive human colony ship arrives, old forgotten legends surface and a new age dawns. But will it be … Continue reading

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Story: The End (Update 5, 6, 7!)

[Sci-Fi] [HIE] [Sad] [Dark] [Comedy]Author: Shalrath Description: A visitor arrives in Equestria, bearing a wealth of knowledge and a troubled past. The Mane 6 are quick to befriend the stranger, who helps them to discover what they truly value in … Continue reading

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Story: The Conversion Bureau – Yellowstone (Episode 5, Minisode 5)

[Adventure][Shipping] Have some conversion bureau. The same rule as Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons still applies; this is a one time deal.  Other Conversion Bureau fics can be found in the newly updated compilation! Author: Anonsi Description: A few years after … Continue reading

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Story: Brave New World (Update Part 8!)

[Normal] More Humanized pony stuff for those of you who are interested in it!  Author: Phoenix Description: It’s just another school day for Twilight and her friends…or is it? When Pinkie Pie starts claiming that they aren’t what they’re supposed … Continue reading

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Story: Through The Eyes of Another Pony (Update Part 13!)

[Human In Equestria] [Comedy][Adventure] Author: CardsLafter Description: "So yeah, I'm a human.  And now I'm a pony.  No, that's not a joke, though I would laugh if it were.  All I did was party at my place and pass out, … Continue reading

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