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Story: Canterlot’s Guests (Update Part 3!)

[Shipping] [Normal] Author: Jordan Kinsley Description: On a trip to visit Twilight’s parents in Canterlot, Twilight and Rarity find themselves in an unusual situation. Can they straighten everything out before they have to return to Ponyville? Canterlot’s Guests Part 1Canterlot’s … Continue reading

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Story: Side Stories are Never Successful (Update Story 2!)

[Normal] Spike stories are pretty rare lately! Author: A Pony Farce Description: A side story to Suited for Success that focuses on Spike and his connections in Canterlot. Side Stories are Never Successful Additional Tags: Short, Background Ponies, Dialog, Musical … Continue reading

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Story: Beyond Forever

[Sad][Light Shipping] Does anypony remember reading Forever? Did it make you sad? Then please accept this hug and cookie, and sit down and read this. You’ll like it, I promise.Author: Bobcat Description: The long awaited (?) sequel to Forever! On … Continue reading

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