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Pony Writing Guide (Update Part 4!)

So Cereal Velocity wrote this massive guide to writing stories about ponies.  If you are struggling with shipping Dash and Pinkie, feel free to use it to make your shipping of Dash and Pinkie look like the Romeo and Juliet … Continue reading

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Step By Step Fluttershy Drawing

Yesterday I posted this Fluttershy image from Tsitra360 on Deviant Art.  He has posted a step by step of it up on his DA page.  It’s pretty interesting to see it all come together.  It’s definitely one of the more … Continue reading

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Pony Drawing Guides (Lots of Updates!)

I keep getting requests for a pony drawing guide with the achievement thing going on. It's right here! Below are all sorts of links and such for drawing/coloring pony.  Even some new stuff!  Depending on what event pops up next, … Continue reading

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Rainbow Dashie Paper Craft

I used to save these back in the day, but never got around to trying to make one.  I’m pretty sure this will be the first.  Below, you can find the template and instructions on how to make a paper … Continue reading

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Cereal Velocity’s Pony Viewing Guide

Do you have friends who you want to introduce to bronydom, but don’t know where to start them off without scaring them away? Introducing Cereal Velocity’s Newbie Pony Viewing guide!  This handy, simple to use .jpg should make it easy … Continue reading

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Custom Pony Tutorials

So you want to make CUSTOM PONI? Well Custom Anon on DA has the a series of guides to help you do just that! Enjoy! Custom Tutorial Part 1Custom Tutorial Part 2Custom Tutorial Part 3Custom Tutorial Part 4

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Art: Color Reference Chart

We had an older reference chart a while back, but this one definitely does a better job of explaining everything more clearly.  I’ll add it to the Drawing Guide post as well once it archives.  So now you can go … Continue reading

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