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Story: Ponies of the Five Rings

[Grimdark] [Adventure] [Crossover] Author: Simon o’Sullivan Description: The six Great Clans defend the Empire, and life is peaceful. However, since the clans’ interests usually clash, that peace is really fragile. Unfortunately for the Empire, the Dark Lord has bigger plans … Continue reading

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Story: [Pony-Net]

[Grimdark] [Random] [Friend-Shipping] [Sad] [Comedy] [Sci-fi] Author: RavensDagger Description: //Up-Loading Transcript:                                                                                                  … <>                                                                                   Military research facility five, built in the year 31NLR, has been unmaintained and abandoned for over seventeen years. Now the central AI [Pony-Net] has … Continue reading

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Story: All Paths Lead Home (Update Part 2!)

[Grimdark] [Adventure] Author: Mystic Description: Through fire and fear, and darkness and shadow, when the end of the world came, it came swiftly to the peaceful land of Equestria. Now, almost ten years after this cataclysm, a lone mare and … Continue reading

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Story: Displaced (Update Part 8!)

[Dark][Sad] Human in Equestria got through?! Amazing! Author: Seven Fates Description: Every filly and colt has challenges in their life. For one colt in particular, challenge doesn’t even begin to apply. When he woke one night in a strange ruin, … Continue reading

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Story: Inner Turmoil

[Grimdark] Author: Freyera Description: Lyra, now living a peaceful life in Ponyville, must confront her past that’s catching up to her. Inner Turmoil Additional Tags: Morality, Choice, Struggle, Mystery, Combat

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Story: Rampant (Update Part 2!)

[Adventure][Grimdark][Comedy] Author: Vehlek Description: Some kind of illness has swept across the land, infecting every pony alive or dead with a bloodlust never seen in ponies’ history. Canterlot lies burning, but the fates of Celestia and Luna are unknown. Society … Continue reading

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Story: Hexonxonx

[Dark][Random] Author: Cyanide Description: If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. What if you gaze into the eyes of chaos? Hexonxonx Additional Tags: Chaos, madness, music, dreams, reality

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