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Story: Griffon a Hard Time

[Normal] [Shipping]Author: Tricky-Step Description: Gilda is on a mission of desperation to find Rainbow Dash to become best friends again. However, her pride and conflicted feelings causes her to act impetuously, posing confusion and dilemmas. As she finally reaches Rainbow … Continue reading

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Story: The Princess Bridle (Update Part 8!)

[Crossover] [Adventure] [Comedy] [Light Shipping] [Light Grimdark] Author: SonGoharotto Description: A reluctant princess finds herself a pawn in the schemes of wicked ponies, but her salvation may come from the least likely source. The Princess Bridle Part 1The Princess Bridle … Continue reading

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Story: Broken Young Nag, Bitter Young Haggard

[Shipping][Sad] Author: Gabriel LaVedier Description: At a little gin mill called “Swallow’s Swallow”, two gargantuan egos puff and impact in a haze of booze and anger at the world and the injustices they may or may not have brought upon … Continue reading

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Story: Legion of Gloom (Update Story 3 Complete!)

[Random] [Comedy] Author: John Perry Description: Banded together from the remote regions of Equestria, the Legion of Gloom seeks to do grave harm to the Mane 6! How they will do this without killing each other first is beyond me. … Continue reading

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Story: Kindred Spirits (Update Part 6!)

[Shipping] Author: Cottonmouth Description: Two lost souls meet in confrontation. Kindred Spirits Part 1Kindred Spirits Part 2Kindred Spirits Part 3Kindred Spirits Part 4Kindred Spirits Part 5Kindred Spirits Part 6 (New!)Additional Tags: Discovery Battle danger loneliness happiness

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Story: Equestria – Total War

[Adventure][Dark] Author: Patrick Description: War comes to Equestria: with despair, with starvation, with suffering, with sacrifice, and with heroism. And the ponies must learn how to keep true to their values while surviving not just the rigors of battle, but … Continue reading

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Story: Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel (Update Story 2 Part 10!)

[Sad] Author: Nicknack Description: There are two sides to every conflict. Nothing is ever black-and-white; there are only many shades of gray. When viewed from another angle, even the worst actions have justification, even if that doesn’t absolve the person … Continue reading

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