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Story: Nightmare Spike

[Random][Adventure]Author: Swashbucklist Description: On Nightmare Night, Spike the dragon masquerades as his favorite superhero. Good thing, too, because this year, dark mischief will take place and an unknown presence will threaten Ponyville’s safety. Some super-heroic effort may be needed. Nightmare … Continue reading

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Story: Legion of Gloom (Update Story 3 Complete!)

[Random] [Comedy] Author: John Perry Description: Banded together from the remote regions of Equestria, the Legion of Gloom seeks to do grave harm to the Mane 6! How they will do this without killing each other first is beyond me. … Continue reading

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Story: The Nightwatch – Monsters of Everfree (Update Complete!)

[Grimdark] [Adventure] Author: Gabriel LaVedier Description: The Constables of the Principality keep order and peace through the land. There are many units of them, but none are so revered as the Nightwatch. And none so bold as the brave souls … Continue reading

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Story: The Lingering Nightmare (Update Part 10!)

[Normal] Luna! Instant-five-stars, more like. Author: Mr. Jack Description: The evil force that created Nightmare Moon was purified by the Elements of Harmony, but dark magic is not so easily erased. A tiny fragment still remains, banished within the Everfree … Continue reading

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