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Story: Trails and Trials

[Friendshipping] [Dramedy] Author: Mazzyrazzy Description: From a young age, Ditzy Doo knew she wasn’t like most ponies. Jinxed and uncoordinated, she was shunned from all social circles as she grew up. When a friend finally comes her way, Ponyville’s residential … Continue reading

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Story: The Mailmare

[Comedy] Author: theamberfox Description: It was supposed to be boring. The Annual Magic Users Convention is the one event of the year that recognizes all the accomplishments that unicorns, alicorns and other magic users have made. It’s usually a night … Continue reading

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Story: Buck to the Future

[Crossover] [Comedy] [Sci-Fi]Author: Midnight Shadow Description: Scootaloo is a small pegasus with big dreams. One of those dreams is to be even more famous than her idol, Rainbow Dash. To get there, though, she needs to do a bit of … Continue reading

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Story: Postal Blues and Grey Feathers

[Sad][Normal] Author: The_EE Description: An unfortunate accident lands Ponyville’s local mailmare in the hospital and her daughter in the care of the town’s resident librarian. How will she manage in taking care of the filly? And what is Derpy Hooves … Continue reading

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Story: The Friend Zone

[Comedy] Author: Sir Ostentatious Description: For your perusal, a pony. Somewhere in the neighborhood of sister and best friend, Rainbow Dash finds herself disturbingly estranged from her friend. She must rely on an expert to help her escape the clutches … Continue reading

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Story: The Promises We Keep

[Normal] [Sad] [Light Shipping] Author: Pascoite Description: Big Macintosh has fallen hard for the pretty mailmare. When she is forced into a fight for her life, he sticks by her faithfully, but can he keep the promises he’s made? The … Continue reading

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Story: Life on the Frontier (Update PArt 3!)

[Shipping][Comedy] Author: Starwind Dood Description: A love triangle is made as Carrot Top and Little Strongheart compete for Braeburn’s affection, and life will never be the same again! Ditsy gets a taste of cowpony life as she integrates herself into … Continue reading

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OH. MY. GOD. Discuss. Banner from here!   Video/reaction after the break!(New) Comic from Pixelkitties after the break!   (New) For those from The Hub/Studio B(DHX)/Top Draw/Hasbro reading this, we love you. We love you so much. (New) More after the break!  … Continue reading

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Story: noitcelfeR|Reflection

[Normal] Author: Zero Skyler Description: A simple accident causes Derpy Hooves to have normal vision and a jogged mind. She is starting to remember things little by little, but what happens when there is more to remember than she could … Continue reading

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Story: Lazy Eye

[Sad][Shipping] Derpydash? I guess! Author: Azure Spark Description: Inspired by the song of the same name by the Silversun Pickups. All she needs is a shoulder to cry on. A friend, to listen, to understand, to comfort her.And that’s what … Continue reading

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