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Story: Tales of the Winter Magic Academy (Update Part 18!)

[Adventure][Slice of Life] Author: Storytayler Description: Twilight and eight fellow unicorns from Ponyville enroll at Princess Luna’s revived school for advanced magic studies. Best known as the Winter Magic Academy, the establishment is located on an ancient island of mysterious … Continue reading

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Story: Three Pony Story

[Random][Shipping][Comedy] Author: Sparky Luck Description: The biggest party Ponyville has ever seen is about hit town. Follow the antics of everypony as they prepare for the best night they’ll never remember! Three Pony Story Additional Tags: We’re all gonna die!

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Story: Sepia Tock: Adventures of the Ponyville Clockmaker (Update Christmas Special)

[Comedy][Normal] Hey! Finally someone wrote some other form of fanon for the dude with the hourglass! Author: CanvasWolfDoll Description: Sepia Tock is an artisan, friend, and citizen of Ponyville. He is not, however, Doctor Whoof. Sepia Tock: Adventures of the … Continue reading

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Story: The Hourglass Society

[Normal] [Adventure] Author: KupoMechanic Description: We all know of the legendary exploits of Dr. Whooves, but what about the other ponies who happened to gain an hourglass cutie mark? This is The Hourglass Society, a government organization charged with guarding … Continue reading

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Story: Ponyville Blvd

[Crossover] Sunset Blvd. meets ponies.  I don’t think I have seen a story with both Trixie and Colgate taking leading rolls. Author: Gozer the Equestrian Description: In this Sunset Blvd. parody, Colgate is down on her luck and out of … Continue reading

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Story: Bottled Up

[Shipping] Someone finally shipped Colgate! Author: no space Description: Berry Punch is a pony with many demons trying to be a good mother, and Colgate just wants to help. Bottled Up: Bite of LimeBottled Up: Night of Stories Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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