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Story: My Little Avengers (Update Complete!)

[Crossover] Author: Koolerkid Description: While out hiking in the mountains near Ponyville, Big Mac discovers a mysterious staff which grants him the power of the ancient god Thor. Old myths awaken, new legends are born, and one simple farm pony … Continue reading

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Story: Happy Hearth’s Warming

[Normal] [Shipping]Author: Paxtofettel Description: Caramel spends Hearth’s Warming Eve with the mare he loves. Happy Hearth’s Warming Additional Tags: Cute, One-Shot, romantic, sappy, Hetero

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Story: The Talk

[Normal] Author: The Descendant Description: When Spike returns home early from a gathering he sees something that causes him to go running from their little home…the sight of Twilight and Caramel together. Once Twilight finds him, shivering and cold, she … Continue reading

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Story: Bailout

[Comedy][Normal] Author: The Descendant Description: After a strange set of circumstances involving baby beavers, a field trip from Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, and an “epic rain cloud” leave Sweet Apple Acres adrift Applejack writes to Mayor Mare asking … Continue reading

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Story: The Clinic

[Normal] Author: CoffeeGrunt Description: A place for a pony to be what they want. To become, what they want. When Twilight and her friends stumble upon the most vilified organisation in the eyes of Celestia’s court, how they will react? … Continue reading

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Story: Windfall

[Normal][Shipping][Comedy] Author: Warren Hutch Description: This story involves a time skip of about 5-7 years after Season One. Twilight and her friends have remained close despite life taking them in different directions, and they come running when it comes time … Continue reading

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Story: Caramel’s Light (Update Part 8!)

[Shipping] Author: Squeak Description: Caramel can’t seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true. Caramel’s Light Part 1Caramel’s Light Part 2Caramel’s Light Part 3Caramel’s Light Part 4Caramel’s … Continue reading

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