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Story: Flash’s Journal (Update Part 3!)

[Light Grimdark] [Shipping] Author: cesmaster644 Description: Following the zombie apocalypse, a young stallion decides to record the events surrounding his settlement’s survival, with hopes that someone will find it and learn from it, be it from their mistakes or triumphs. … Continue reading

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Story: Macintosh (Update Aftermath+Complete!)

[Normal] Author: TotalOverflow Description: Big Macintosh seems like a simple pony who keeps to himself and doesn't say much, but there's more going on beneath the surface of this red stallion than it would seem at first glance. After his … Continue reading

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Story: Derpy’s Bebop

[Sad][Shipping] Author: TrelaTyraelis Description: A journey inside Ditzy’s mind, dealing with something she had never experienced before. Derpy’s BebopDerpy’s Bebop Epilogue (New!) Additional Tags: D’aaaww ; Love; Tree hitting; mistakes

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Story: Tangled Up in Blues

[Normal] It has been a while since Blues got some attention. He defenitely hasn’t seen something of this magnitude at least! Author: The Descendant Description:“They take da’ pain out, make it somethin’ good, somethin’ good. Wear yer’ blues well, colt, … Continue reading

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