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Story: Born to Ride

[Comedy] [Adventure] Author: SoundofRainfall Description: After a life-changing experience, Carrot Top discovers her true calling, and will stop at nothing to fulfill her new purpose. Born to Ride Additional Tags: Carrot Top, Spiritual, Motorcycles, Break-ins, Magnums

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Story: Rarity’s Mid-Death Crisis

[Comedy] Author: Recamen Description: After a night in which she may have had one too many drinks, Rarity wakes up to find that everything below her head is missing. See her publicly declare herself deceased and be the drama queen … Continue reading

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Story: Spyra

[Adventure][Semi-Grimdark] Author: Angelofrombelow Description: For the past few years, Lyra has been keeping a close watch on Twilight Sparkle under the orders of Princess Celestia. Her mission: to ensure the princess’s protege is emotionally stable and fit to be the … Continue reading

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Story: Flash’s Journal (Update Part 3!)

[Light Grimdark] [Shipping] Author: cesmaster644 Description: Following the zombie apocalypse, a young stallion decides to record the events surrounding his settlement’s survival, with hopes that someone will find it and learn from it, be it from their mistakes or triumphs. … Continue reading

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Story: Three Pony Story

[Random][Shipping][Comedy] Author: Sparky Luck Description: The biggest party Ponyville has ever seen is about hit town. Follow the antics of everypony as they prepare for the best night they’ll never remember! Three Pony Story Additional Tags: We’re all gonna die!

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Story: Breaking Bricks (Update Part 5!)

[Noir-mal][Dramedy][Wth are these tags?] “This is one of the only, if not THE only, ponies-in-a-realistically-” dark”-world stories I’ve had almost nothing but pleasure reading and want to read more of….It certainly sets a high standard for character-driven first person pony … Continue reading

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Story: The Things We Need

[Shipping] This one actually has…multiple versions.  You can find the non-EQD safe one over on his DA page. Author: Pacce (DA Page) Description: Lyra’s having a tough time and is comforted by her wife, Bon-Bon. Just so you know, they kiss. … Continue reading

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