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Story: The Hiccups

[Comedy] Author: Usea Description: Disaster has struck three little ponies. Sweetie Belle has a terrible case of hiccups and it’s up to her friends to find somepony to help before their fellow Crusader finds herself with a cutiemark for hiccuping… … Continue reading

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Story: Ditzy Doo and the Blustery Day

[Normal] Storybook time! Derpy always makes the best character for these. Author: uSea Description: In which Dinky Doo asks her mother to tell her a story. Based on the Winnie-the-Pooh stories that were written by A. A. Milne and decorated … Continue reading

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Story: The Purple Menace(s)

[Comedy] This was actually an April Foals winner, so you may recognize it. Everyone else gets something new! yay~ Author: Usea Description: Princess Luna gets some help to make up for all the years of pranking she’s missed. The Purple … Continue reading

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Story: Twilight October

[Comedy] And then Twilight Sparkle was a submarine. Author: uSea Description: Can the Twilight October evade the clutches of the Equestrian navy and bring glory to the motherland? Twilight October Addiitonal Tags: Silly, Light-Hearted, Comedy, Submersible [Comedy]  Part 2! Author: … Continue reading

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Story: Singing to the Moon

[Normal] Happy Luna is best Luna. I can’t wait until her episode finally comes up and shes Pinkie Pie 2.0 who gets all the stallions. Description: Sweetie Belle sings to the moon. But her song attracts an unexpected guest. Singing … Continue reading

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Story: Snips and Snails: Fluttershy’s Birthday

[Normal] Stupid fan fiction making these guys look cool!  I refuse to allow them in Trixies second episode (if it ever happens)! Snips and Snails

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