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Story: Changing Octaves (Update Part 2!)

[Sad] Is this the new Lyra?  She seems really popular lately! Author: Twinkletail Description: Pinkie and her sister Octavia meet up for the first time in years in a most unexpected place, and Pinkie learns that things at home have … Continue reading

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Story: Dragon Your Hooves (Update Part 2!)

[Normal] And then Spike was a Pony. Author: Twinkletail Description: While helping Twilight rearrange her lab, Spike comes across a magical powder that changes him into a pony! While Twilight tries to find an antidote, pony Spike has some adventures of … Continue reading

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Story: Leafing the Dream

[Normal] I’m going to start cycling these in, each of the round winners will have their own story post.  This is the first one! Author: TwinkleTail Description: Fluttershy’s turning into a tree?? Leafing the Dream

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Story: Appleshy (Updated Part 4!)

[Shipping] Has this ever happened before? Fluttershy and Applejack? Author: Twinkletail Description: Fluttershy finds herself helping Applejack harvest her apples, but has a little something she can’t seem to get off of her chest. AppleshyAppleshy Part 2 Appleshy Part 3Appleshy … Continue reading

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Story: A Party Cat-Astrophe (Updated Part 2!)

[Crossover]  Pinkie Pie in a non grimdark, non shipping story for once!  I never thought I’d see the day. Author: Twinkletail Description: Pinkie Pie’s constant parties begin to wear on her friends’ nerves. The attendance at her parties wanes, until … Continue reading

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