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Story: Whatever Happened to Captain Cloudsdale?

[Adventure][Comedy]Author: Tumbleweed Description: A masked and mysterious pony has come to Ponyville! He’s looking for the bravest, strongest pony in town- and where better to start, than with Rainbow Dash? Whatever Happened to Captain Cloudsdale? Additional Tags: Masked Superponies and … Continue reading

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Story: Twilight Sparkle vs. Bridle-Zilla!

[Comedy][Shipping] Author: Tumbleweed Description: Twilight Sparkle: Wedding Planner. This goes about as well as one would expect. Twilight Sparkle vs. Bridle-Zilla! Additional Tags: Weddings. Madness

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Story: Vamp it Up! (Update Complete!)

[Comedy][Adventure] Vamponies?! I don’t even! Author:  Tumbleweed Description: Who is the mysterious Count Fetlock? What does he want in Ponyville? And, most importantly, can Twilight Sparkle find out before it’s too late for Fluttershy? Vamp it Up! (New Complete!) Additional … Continue reading

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Story: Vengeance and Fashion (Update Part 4!)

[Comedy] I really like this tag!  Feel free to suggest more! Author: Tumbleweed Description: When a very…special individual comesto Ponyville, Twilight volunteers to manage Rarity’s shop. Hijinksensue. What else could happen? Vengeance and Fashion (All Links!)(New chapter 4!) Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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