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Story: Prophecy

[Sad][Adventure][Sci-Fi] Author: The_Mechanic Description: Strange things happen when magic and technology come into contact. When that happens, events on one world can become a part of something that happened on another… many thousands of years in the past. Inevitably, what … Continue reading

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Story: Laughter is the Music of the Soul

[Normal] [Sad] Author: The Mechanic Description: Celestia, Luna, and Twilight are visited by a mare who knows a lot more about history than she should… and sometimes the best of outcomes can come from the very worst of beginnings. Laughter … Continue reading

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Story: Serving Justice

[Normal] Author: The Mechanic Description: A young mare’s research into the nature of Justice yields unexpected results, and shapes the rest of her life. Serving Justice Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Justice, Legal

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Story: Magnum Opus

[Random][Comedy] Author: The Mechanic Description: You really shouldn’t frustrate 1200 years worth of Grand Magi, even if one is the Princess.They have unique ways of evening things up and a VERY long time to prepare. Magnum Opus Additional Tags: [Weird] … Continue reading

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Story: Kindling Hope

[Normal] Author: The Mechanic Description: Looking past the cover of a book isn’t easy for ponies at the best of times. It’s even harder when two different cultures encounter each-other, even though they both want the same thing. Kindling Hope … Continue reading

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Story: A Question of Protocol

[Comedy] Author: The Mechanic Description: When using magic in a prank, make very, VERY sure you aim it correctly… A Question of Protocol Additional Tags: Short

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