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Story: Creature of the Night (Update Part 2!)

[Adventure] You know… Vampires really are getting the short end of the stick lately thanks to Twilight and the various knock-offs. According to the Pre-readers, this Rarity is a classic, real, awesome vampire, so hopefully this dispels any doubts! Author: … Continue reading

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Story: The Greatest Game (Update Complete!)

[Crossover]  Ponies playing Jumanji?  That sounds…awesome. This is actually a sequel to Teatime At Twilight’s.   Author: Tanner Description: Stumbling into an ancient board game they knew nothing about the ponies find themselves embroiled in the wild untamed madness that … Continue reading

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Story: Flying Right

[Sad] Author: Tanner Description:  Scootaloo can’t wait to fly! During spring break she goes and ask Rainbow Dash to teach her and quickly finds out how tough flight lessons can really be. Flying Right Additional Tags: Tough Love, Crusaders

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Story: Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal

[Normal] We don’t get many spike centered stories! Author: Tanner Description: Spikes dragon friend drops into town one day to hang out with him, but when his brash attitude starts conflicting with the other ponies will he be sticking around? … Continue reading

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Story: Of Sound Mind (Updated Part 3!)

[Shipping] Reaaaaly late friend off entry. Also converted to Shipping with the update! Description: A spell mishap results in Fluttershy and Rarity swapping bodies, and Rarity quickly finds herself getting carried away… Of Sound MindOf Sound Mind Part 2 Of Sound … Continue reading

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Story: A Sticky Situation

[Shipping]  Yep… A Story about the legendary Wing Boner for the Friend-off event. Description: After an exhausting day of practice, Rainbow Dash finds herself wandering town for food, but ends up biting off more than she can chew A Sticky … Continue reading

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Story: Purple Daze

[Normal] Pinkie, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash at a party? And no shipping? That’s a first… Description “Twilight gets an invite to hang out with Pinkie and Dash, but things quickly get out of control once the party starts” Purple Daze

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Story: Teatime At Twilight’s

[Normal] Description: On a lazy summer day, Pinkie Pie wants to party and have fun, but when its party time Pinkies the only pony looking glum Teatime At Twilight’s 

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[Normal] Sad Dash!?  Impossible. Author: Tanner Description: A story about Rainbow Dash going through a horrible accident and trying to cope with the results Balderdash

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