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Story: Punchdrunk

[Normal] Author: SuperGiantRobot Description: One wonderfully sunny day Twilight awakens, suffering from the tail end of a bender she didn’t plan. Punchdrunk Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie’s Party Punch Pickle

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Story: Ponygeist: A Nightmare Night Tale

[Comedy] Author: SuperGiantRobot Description: It is the annual Nightmare Night costume party, hosted by Pinkie Pie (naturally). As the party goes on, she notices a pony in an extremely convincing ghost costume… Ponygeist: A Nightmare Night Tale Additional Tags: Halloween, … Continue reading

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Story: Black and White and Red All Over

[Shipping] Zecoramac! That’s a new one. Author: SuperGiantRobot Description: Zecora decides to travel from Everfree forest to see what’s out there. She passes Sweet Apple Acres and catches the eye of Macintosh, who decides to prove himself to her. Black … Continue reading

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Story: Quit Dragon Your Heels

[Shipping][Sad][Normal] The only canon ship in the show! Author: SuperGiantRobot Description: Spike wants to finally confess his love to Rarity, but when she finds herself a new potential suitor is it already too late? Quit Dragon Your Heels Additional Tags: … Continue reading

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