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Story: Gun With Occasional Pony (Update Part 7!)

[Grimdark][Comedy] I'm pretty sure only squeak and a handful of others could get away with a story like this! Author: Squeak Description: I've gotten several requests to upload this fic to my DA, and I've mostly declined to do so. … Continue reading

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Story: Caramel’s Light (Update Part 8!)

[Shipping] Author: Squeak Description: Caramel can’t seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true. Caramel’s Light Part 1Caramel’s Light Part 2Caramel’s Light Part 3Caramel’s Light Part 4Caramel’s … Continue reading

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Story: Gaia (Update Part 4!)

[Adventure][Normal] Author: Squeak Description: The earth spun through space. Basking in the light of the sun on one side, and of the moon on the other. The eternal dance playing out as it had for untold years. The sun roaring … Continue reading

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Story: The Catastrophic Case of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Update 3+4!)

[Sad][Slightly Grimdark][Comedy]  Pinkamena Diane Pie time! This time from Squeak! Author: Squeak Description: Hello, my name is Pinkamina Dian Pie, and I suggest you pick up a much happier story. Perhaps one in which good things happen to little fillies … Continue reading

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Story: Number 12/Traveler (Update Story 2, Chapter 8!)

[Crossover][Sci-Fi] Number 12 is a popular Dr. Whoof fic from Squeak on /co/, and she/he just updated it with a second part called "Traveler"!  You can find both below! Author: Squeak Description: A blue box has fallen out of the … Continue reading

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Story: Equinox

[Normal] Some Luna stuff from Squeak.  And those still aren’t eyes. Description: Luna says hello to an old friend. Equinox

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Story: Scooting Along

[Normal] Something Madmax requested and Squeek did, so you know it going to be good right?! Description: Scootaloo show’s up at Rainbow Dash’s door in the middle of a storm. She claims eveything’s fine, but is it really? Scooting Along

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