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Story: The Spark to Light a Candle

[Adventure][Dark]Author: SPark Description: A half-remembered dream leads Twilight Sparkle to test a new “window” spell by looking at an alternate Equestria. What she sees there will lead her and her friend Princess Luna into adventures they had never imagined possible. … Continue reading

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Story: In the Eye of the Storm

[Crossover][Adventure] This is actually a crossover with Heralds of Valdemar.  Those that are unfamiliar with it might be a bit lost, but the pre-readers who are fans really enjoyed it.  Author: SPark Description: Luna has begun to recover from her … Continue reading

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Story: Longer than Diamonds

[Normal][Sad] “THIS WAS VERY…….cute”–Pre-Reader who doesn’t say much Author: SPark Description: Rarity has had many frustrations in her sewing career, but whenher finest hour seems to have come, she finds it brings with it allnew troubles and worries. Longer than … Continue reading

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