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Story: What’s Eating Rainbow Dash?

[Normal][Sad] Somber wants this posted now! So have a late story Author: Somber Description: Mare Do Well has come and gone and Rainbow Dash has learned herlesson. Letter written, problem solved… right? Only lessonssometimes teach us more than we intend, … Continue reading

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Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (Update Part 31!)

Source [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Kkat Approved] Usually I toss all the Fallout: Equestria side fics into one big post, but this one has reached such a critical mass in terms of content that is has broken free from the mothership! Kkat also approved … Continue reading

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Story: Perils of the Past (Updated Part 9!)

[Normal] Author: Somber Description: A thousand years ago Princess Celestia sealed away Nightmare Moon using the Elements of Harmony. Now the Cutie Mark Crusaders will awaken a threat imprisoned for all that time, and all of Equestria will learn which … Continue reading

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Story: Rarity’s Rodeo

[Normal][Shipping] Rarijack! Author: Somber Description: The Equestria Wide Open Rodeo’s come to Ponyville, and TwilightSparkle recalls a dare made to a certain fashionista. Rarity’s Rodeo Additional Tags: Um… romance? Nuzzles? Dialogue? Bull riding

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Story: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

[Sad] “POST IT WITH A VENGEANCE.” – Pre-reader #13 Author: Somber Description: What does it mean to have a dream? What does it take to hold onto that dream and make it a reality? And what does it cost when … Continue reading

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Story: Thicker Than Water

[Normal] Author: Somber Description: Rainbow Dash faces the preliminary try outs for the Wonderbolts.Piece of cake, right? But when she has several unexpected visitors itdraws questions about her past and her future. Thicker Than Water Additional Tags: Background, Drama, Somber … Continue reading

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Story: Simply Rarity

[Sad] Rarity~ Author: Somber Description: An argument between her friends has brought to question Rarity’sgenerosity. Can a unicorn who’s had everything and nothing truly begenerous? Simply Rarity Additional Tags: Journal, Pony Origins, Happy ending

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Story: Second Impressions

[Normal] “This one is so sweet it might give you cavities“-Pre-Reader #10 Author: Somber Description: Fluttershy revisits the site of her worst night ever and comesface to face with emotions she never imaged she possessed… Second Impressions Additional Tags: Drama, … Continue reading

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