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Story: Rocket to Insanity (Update: New Ending!)

[Grimdark] Crazy Dash is Crazy, an alternate ending popped up.. that is actually longer than the original story, so I guess I’ll bump it! Description: Dash finds her sanity slipping away as horrific nightmares slowly chip away at her psyche. … Continue reading

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Story: Cotton Candy Hearts

[Shipping] So much kissing today.  Here is some more Dash and Pinkie! The best combo ever! (Though lyra/bonbon is growing on me) Description: It’s Valensbridle Day and Pinkie-Pie is on a mission of love and friendship! But one pony is … Continue reading

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Story: Turntable Turnabout

[Shipping] It’s Official, Dash really is shippable with anyone. Turntable Turnabout Part 1Turntable Turnabout Part 2  Turntable Turnabout Part 3Turntable Turnabout Part 4

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