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Story: In Her Majesty’s Royal Service (Update Complete!)

[Normal][Comedy]  Apparently this story made the pre-readers feel self conscious, since this author busts out amazing art too. In other words they liked it, a lot. Author: Sagebrush Description: Who are those courageous and stoic ponies that put their lives … Continue reading

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Story: Pie’s Path

[Normal] Author: Sagebrush Description: After Pinkie Pie discovered her special talent and her life’s calling, what became of the rest of her family? How did her departure affect them? A Pie’s Path Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Dreams, Responsibilities

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Story: Rainbows and Sunsets

[Normal] More Scootalove! this is how it should be! Author: Sagebrush Description: After a bit of prodding from her friends, Scootaloo decides that it’s high time she learned to fly.  Will she be able to convince Equestria’s premier flier to … Continue reading

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