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Stories: Rainbow Dash’s Family Reunion/Together with the One You Love

[Normal] [Crossover] [Shipping] Two short stories for the price of one. They have nothing to do with each other, but they’re both by the same author. Author: Roy G. Biv Description: In this little spamfic, Rainbow Dash’s father visits the … Continue reading

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Story: Rarity Horror Fashion Show (Update Part 2!)

[Shipping][Random][Comedy] Author: Roy G. Biv Description: Applejack and Big Mac’s cart breaks down as they’re delivering apples to the next town over. Lucky for them, an old castle happens to be nearby… An attempt at Rocky Horror Picture Show in … Continue reading

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Story: Dinky Doo’s Father Revealed (Update Complete!)

[Shipping] Derpy Hooves time! Author: Roy G. Biv Description: This story is an attempt to not only write a happy Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo and Dinky Doo story, but also delve into who the unicorn filly’s father is. Dinky Doo’s Father … Continue reading

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Story: Apple Trees

[Shipping][Random] This is actually a parody of a video found on youtube, but stands up on it’s own! Pretty heaving shipping, but all worksafe.   Author: Roy G.Biv Description: What starts as two friends resting after a day applebucking gets very … Continue reading

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Story: After April Foals Day

[Shipping] Some early April Foals day stuff! This time with Big Mac/Fluttershy. A Sequel to After Mare Day Gras Author: Roy G.Biv Description: Fluttershy never has been one for pranking, but THIS year she tries to get into the act! … Continue reading

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Story: Trapping the Quarterback

[Shipping] M/trans Description: What happens when a fanfic author tries to redeem one of the ponies who mocked Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom? Let’s find out! Also, likely the first shipping fic with Rainbow Dash that she ISN’T shipped with … Continue reading

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Story: The Hoofwitch Horror

[Grimdark-Horror] Some more Grim-darky Twilight stuff!  This time with G1’s unintentional nightmare fuel thrown in the mix. Description: Twilight pens a letter to Luna, for once, detailing her adventures and horrible discoveries of the past week. Inspired in part by … Continue reading

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