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Story: Snow Chords

[Shipping] I haven’t used this image for a story yet right? It’s just so…fitting. Description: Applejack and Rainbow Dash get snowed in during a trip to their favourite sledding resort. They must both cope with fear, and they each discover … Continue reading

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Story: Quest of the Friendship Stones

[Random][Shipping] All sorts of wtf in one big pile of story.  Description: Rainbow Dash has to find all the friendship stones so she rounds everypony up to get the friendship stones. There are explosions.  Quest of the Friendship Stones Part … Continue reading

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Story: Derpy’s Quest

[Normal] Thank Celestia for a normal story! Written by Poultron Description: Derpy Hooves is forced out of her house by her mother under the claim that she is worthless. She must now set out to find her true calling. However, … Continue reading

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