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Story: Rescue Mission

[Crossover] I’ve been told that this is extremely cute. Author: Polecat Description: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Alicorn. Her five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new … Continue reading

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Story: A New Breed (Update Complete!)

[Normal][Adventure] Author: Polecat Description: It's been many years since the Imps first invaded Equestria and the first "Specials" appeared. But with the last of "The Six" now fallen under an Imp assault, can Luna recruit and train a new group … Continue reading

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Story: Coming Home

[Normal] Author: Polecat Description: Luna’s last night as the “Mare in the Moon”, after spending a millennium watching Equestria under her, prepares herself to return. A speculative look at what this final day may have been like for Princess Luna. … Continue reading

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Story: Recursion (Update Part Complete!)

[Normal] Derpy Stories! Hoorah. Author: Polecat Description: Ditzy Doo suddenly finds that the events of the “Longest Night” are suddenly happening all over again, but for some reason, no one is following the same path they did the first time! … Continue reading

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Story: Flip-Flop

[Normal] We haven’t had a Gilda story in a while.Author: Polecat Description: A short look through the eyes of everyone’s not-so-favorite Griffon, Gilda, as Pinky makes a visit. Flip-Flop Additional Tags: First-person, Conversation

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Story: The Last

[Sad] Ponies saved me too, true story.Author: Polecat Description: The last man on Earth is given a choice from some strange and colorful saviors. (A “Human in Equestria” short story) The Last Additional Tags: Final redemption offered by ponies

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Story: The Puzzle of Puzzle

[Normal] How puzzling! Anyway I’m going to start leaking non-friendoff stories into the site now.  Here is one from a new author, Polecat. Description: An unknown pony is found unconscious in the middle of a storm in Ponyville, devoid of … Continue reading

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