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Story: My Faithful Student

[Normal] Ever read Sunny Skies All Day Long? Well, this is better. Read. It. Author: PhantomFox Description: When the Princess gives Twilight an opportunity to compete in theArcane Arts Competition, Twilight is thrilled. But when doubt creepsin, and preparation turns … Continue reading

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Story: No Tame Forest

[Normal] “You’d better be both dead and sickIf you don’t drop everything and read this ficWork and sleep?  That is a load!Read it now lest my anger EXPLODE!”- Pre-reader who RP’s Zecora and drives everypony else insane. Author: PhantomFox Description:An injured … Continue reading

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Story: Sunny Skies All Day Long

[Normal] This one reads like it could be turned into an actual episode at any time.  Definitely something to check out! Author: PhantomFox Description:  Princess Celestia tires of constantly being surrounded by decorum, deference, and formality, and decides to take … Continue reading

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