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Story: The Promises We Keep

[Normal] [Sad] [Light Shipping] Author: Pascoite Description: Big Macintosh has fallen hard for the pretty mailmare. When she is forced into a fight for her life, he sticks by her faithfully, but can he keep the promises he’s made? The … Continue reading

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Story: My Funny Sister

[Normal] [Sad] Author: Pascoite Description: When Scootaloo wonders why Rainbow Dash has been avoiding her, Dash decides to tell a story from her youth, about friendship gained, and friendship changed, in order to explain why seeing Scootaloo has been making … Continue reading

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Story: A New Harmony (Update Chapter 3!)

[Sad] [Dark] [Comedy] Author: Pascoite Description: Twilight Sparkle has defeated Discord, but she lacked the discipline to do a proper job of it. He’s ready for a rematch, but he’s recruited three ponies to be his unwitting minions, and nopony … Continue reading

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