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Story: The Things We Need

[Shipping] This one actually has…multiple versions.  You can find the non-EQD safe one over on his DA page. Author: Pacce (DA Page) Description: Lyra’s having a tough time and is comforted by her wife, Bon-Bon. Just so you know, they kiss. … Continue reading

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Story: Never Too Old to Fall

[Shipping] Oh hey, someone finally shipped Celestia with her guards. What would we do without Pacce? Author: Pacce Description: With Luna’s return, Celestia finds herself with more free time than she’s had in a thousand years, perhaps even time enough … Continue reading

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Story: Memories in a Bottle

[Shipping][Sad] OPPP really does need more fanon! Author: Pacce Description: Berry Punch looks back on her life in Ponyville and has to decide whether it’d be better to abandon it. Chapter 1: My Dizzy MomChapter 2: Memories in a Bottle … Continue reading

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Story: Equestrians in Undergarments

[Shipping] Uhhhhhh, sorry… blame Pacce. Friendoff entry and all derp. Inb4 CNN decides to report on ponies and stumbles on to the site with this up, just like Penny Arcade last time, and Allspark/MLP arena before that.  Yaaah. (Changed the … Continue reading

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Story: Fluttershy and the Beast From Beyond!

[Crossover] Fluttershy and DALEKS? Uh oh. Description: A strange and dangerous being falls to Ponyville, can Fluttershy save all of Ponykind from being EXTERMINATED? Fluttershy and the Beast From Beyond!Fluttershy and the Beast From Beyond! Alt. DA

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Story: Coming Clean

[Shipping] HUMANIZED PONIES? IN MY EQUESTRIA?  …I guess. A new Gilda/Dash by Pacce! Description: Back in the old days Gilda had two fears: Dash discovering that Gilda had feelings for her and the girl’s shower room. Coming Clean Coming Clean (DA link)

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Story: Checking Out

[Shipping] A title with multiple meanings? I think it was intended! Description: Dash has a hunger that must be satisfied. Checking Out (docs)Checking Out (Deviant Art)

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