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Story: Memories of Days Long Past (Update Session Final [Not Complete]!)

[Normal][Adventure]  Description: Twilight Sparkle discovers a spell that allows her and her friends to relive the lives of their ancestors. What starts off as an educational experience, however, quickly turns into a terrible tale that imparts to them many truths … Continue reading

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Story: Scootalove

[Normal] I don’t know why you’d write a story about a chicken, personally. Author: nukeiffum Description: It’s Mother’s Day for SCOOT SCOOT SCOOTALOO. Scootalove Additional Tags: Mother’s Day, Immaturity

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Story: Apple Blossom (Updated Finished!)

[Sad] More sad stuff from the same guy that wrote Bittersweet. It’s supposed to be a slight continuation of that, but not completely direct. Description: Spin-off of Bittersweet. The first step of growing up has always been the destruction of … Continue reading

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Story: Imaginapple

[Normal] Who’s A Silly Pony? Author: nukeiffum Description: Applejack and Big Mac stuck in their old treehouse because of a lightning storm, and they pass the time using their imaaaaaaaagination. Imaginapple

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Story: Bittersweet (Updated Finished!)

[Sad] This is actually an older one converted to docs format. It’s the infamous Pinkie Pie gets diabetes story.  Pinkie sure does have a lot of stories that are infamous at this point.  Anyway it’s primarily sad, but kind of … Continue reading

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