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Story: Cinnamon and Sugar

[Shipping] Author: Northland Pony Description: Soarin’ comes to Ponyville and decides to help Rainbow Dash with her team flying, but does he have an ulterior motive? Deviant ArtCinnamon and Sugar Google DocumentsCinnamon and Sugar Additional Tags: before shipping Dashbolts was … Continue reading

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Story: Family Roots

[Normal] [FriendShipping] Author: Northland Pony Description: One of Applejack’s most important trees is sick, and so she turns to Twilight to help. But Twilight isn’t sure if she can help her friend… or what effect it will have on their … Continue reading

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Story: The Ponyville Chronicles (New Part 3 + 4!)

[Normal] Another Oc Pony Story! Author: Northland Pony Description: The tales of Aurora, a student of journalism and pegasus who comes to Ponyville.  And also the ongoing tales of the mane cast between season 1 and season 2.  Evil stirs.  … Continue reading

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