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Story: Out of the Blue (Update Part 7!)

[Shipping][Normal] According to the shipping chart, this has NEVER been done before.  How the hell have we not had an Applepie? This is sort of a sequel to Epiphany, though the former isn't required for it. Author: NinesTempest Description: The … Continue reading

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Story: With a Spark

[Shipping] I do believe it’s time for some shipping. Author: Ninestempest / Edef Description: Rainbow Dash finds Spitfire shortly after the Grand Galloping Gala, and is invited to spend a night at a nightclub with the Wonderbolts With a Spark … Continue reading

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Story: Epiphany (Update Complete!)

[Shipping][Normal] It’s Flutterdash day! Author: NinesTempest Description: Fluttershy finds a demon from her past, and confronts it head on with the help of Rainbow Dash, who has yet unconfessed feelings for the shy pegasus. Epiphany Part 1 DAEpiphany Part 2 … Continue reading

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