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Story: Sticks and Stones

[Random] [Shipping] [Comedy] Even rocks and trees need love sometimes. Author: Nine Description: Every culture has its own story of romance blossoming under the most unlikely of circumstances. The wild west is no exception. In a little town called Appleloosa, … Continue reading

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Story: Death Note: Equestria (Update Part 13!)

[Grimdark] [Crossover] (Comments contain spoilers) Author: Nine Description: Equestria is growing, and magical savant Twilight Sparkle is disgusted by the crime and corruption this change has brought. Her life is changed forever when she discovers the Death Note, a notebook … Continue reading

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Story: Somepony Who Loves You

[Grimdark] [Sad] [Shipping] All I wanted was a picture of a zombie pony. That was a harder search than I would have thought. Author: Nine Description: Sometimes, bad things happen to good ponies. Sometimes, a good pony has to do … Continue reading

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