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Story: Mushy Stuff

[Shipping] One of the April Foals finalists!  I stopped rotating these in, but I guess I’ll get going on that again!Author: Nathan Description: An epilogue of sorts to Porcelain Secrets, Apple Bloom asks her sister for advice on how to … Continue reading

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Story: Doctor Whoof – Mechanical Harmony (Update Part 2!)

[Normal] Hooray Time travel! Author: Nathan Description: Diligent Mail Pony Bright Eyes returns from her deliveries one day to discover a strange box and a stranger pony in her garden. No sooner do they make each others’ acquaintance then a … Continue reading

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Story: Death of a Mail Pony

This is kind of a continuation on “The Truth” so be sure to read that first for some background. Description: When anonymous letters start appearing all over Equestria with details of a conspiracy large enough to shake the foundations of … Continue reading

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Story: Pony Feathers

[Normal] More Valentines Day stuff! Description: The pegasus filly Fluttershy meets a new friend in Ponyville named Rainbow Dash who takes it upon herself to teach the shy little pony how to fly. Pony Feathers

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Story: The Truth

[Normal] More stories by Nathan, enjoy it! I’ll tag it later when I read it. Description: A mysterious letter appears in mail boxes across Equestria, spreading blasphemous truths. Is Celesita not who she claims to be? Delve into the conspiracy … Continue reading

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Story: Snake Surprise

[Comedy] SNAAAKES!!!!!!! It’s an older one, but still a funny one. Author: Nathan Description: Needed Snake Surprise Additional Tags: Need

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Story: Porcelain Secrets

  [Normal] (Nathan !!eFuOgyMIEPo) over at /co/ finished his Porcelain Secrets Fanfic.  Nothing gross here!  Check it out if you are into Applebloom or Spike! Porcelain Secrets Part 1Porcelain Secrets Part 2Porcelain Secrets Part 3

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