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Story: Jack and the Ponies

[Crossover] “The initial MLP segment feels like the show, the initial Jack segment feels like that should, and the two mesh incredibly well, with two distinct flavors melding into an exquisite read.”–Pre Reader #8 Author: Moabite Description: Samurai Jack finds … Continue reading

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Story: A Candle to the Sun

[Normal] Nervous Twilight is always cute. Author: Moabite Description: Twilight Sparkle struggles to find a meaningful gift for Princess Celestia  A Candle to the Sun Additional Tags: confession, love, nervous, gift, holiday

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Story: Pinkie Pie Style

[Normal]  Lots of Pinkie Pie Today! Description: Pinkie Pie travels to meet an old friend, but finds Gilda waiting for her instead. Pinkie Pie Style

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Story: Overnight Mail

[Normal] Luna and Derpy hooves?! What kind of crazy combo is this!? Summary: Derpy and Luna swap jobs for a day. Overnight Mail

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