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Story: Fallout Equestria – Pink Eyes (Update Complete!)

Source [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure] Rule Breakan Games Author: Mimezinga Description:  Puppysmiles is on a mission to find her mom. Too bad she lost her two hundreds years ago… this is the story of a little pony that tries to find out why … Continue reading

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Story: And Then… Then She Exploded!… TWICE!!!

[Comedy] I read two paragraphs and was hooked for the rest of it –Pre Reader ME Authors: Cogs, MimezingaEditor: Nukeiffum Description: After another fiction where Rainbow Dash gets killed, she decides to take the whole thing in her hooves and … Continue reading

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Story: Ten Years Flat

[Normal] Some Scootaloo Stuff! Author: Mimezinga Description: A grown up Scootaloo has to deal with her ghosts and the legacy of a nearly unreachable master Ten Years FlatTen Years Flat Alternate with Audio Tracks Additional Tags: Contemplating the colors of Rainboom

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