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Story: Ponies Play D&D (Update: Story 3)

[Normal] I'm using this image again because it is awesome.   So what would happen if they ACTUALLY played dungeons and dragons?! This story sets out to find out! Description: Twilight has finally convinced Applejack to join her other friends in … Continue reading

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Story: The Search for Bighoof

[Adventure][Comedy] Hey! Cheerilee finally got a story!  About time.  Author: Lucres Description: On a Filly Scout camping trip in the Whitetail Woods,Scootaloo is determined to prove she’s not a chicken. In order to doso, she sets out on her own … Continue reading

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Story: Big Dragon

[Normal] April Foals Winner number 5!  Author: Lucres Description: Pinkie Pie agrees to perform an epic April Fool’s prankon behalf of a mysterious stranger.  It’s unintended effectseventually put the whole town in danger.  Meanwhile, Spike just wantsto fly… Big Dragon  … Continue reading

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Story: The Big Rush

[Random] A Story about Pinkie pie learning to cook?!  This just might be awesome! Warning: Lots of Cussing. Description: Griff the griffin is a Chef at the top of his game, runningthe best French restaurant in Canterlot. He only has … Continue reading

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Story: Cargo Cult

[Random] Crazy /co/ parody story thing! Here is your summary. Summary: Twilight Sparkle, lost deep within an uncharted part of the Everfree Forest, meets a strange group of tribal creatures and learns their shocking secret in a “Gulliver’s Travels”-like satire … Continue reading

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