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Story: Secret Tub Fun Series (Updated Part 9: Applejack!)

[Normal] These are classic, and awesome.  Just read them, you won't regret it. Author: Lawnpygmy  All stories below the break!  Read more »

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Story: Utter Madness / Happy / Burlap

[Comedy][Crossover]  Apparently these are all hilarious and I was commanded to immediately post them. Sadly the entire day was already scheduled! So here they are today! Also some Fluttershy. Author: LawnPygmy Description: On a dark Gotham Street, a complete lunatic … Continue reading

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Story: E.W.W.W.

[Random] Humanized Pony and Wrestling…? I guess! Description: SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! For one night, and one night only you can catch the fight of the century! Thrill at the drama, the mayhem, the carnage!The up-and-coming fighter, Flutterdie, is about to … Continue reading

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Story: Big Mac’s Big Promise

[Normal] More Big Mac Stuff.  This time by Lawnpygmy. Description: The Apple Family always keeps their promises. Always. Sometimes this makes them act rather silly, leads them down roads best left untraveled. Big Mac is forced to face a horrible … Continue reading

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