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Story: Golden and Red (Update Part 3+4!)

[Shipping] [Grimdark] m/m Author: Jimbo Description: Golden Delicious has messed up, and messed up bad. He’s had his identify changed, and finds himself banished to some hick-town named Ponyville. Worst of all, he’s started having memories of things that never … Continue reading

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Story: Piu Allegro // The New Roommate

[Normal] I suppose band ponies were inevitable.  Octavia *IS* kind of cute… Author: Jimbo Description: The Grand Galloping Gala is an exciting night for many ponies, especially for the distinguished student quartet selected to perform there. But the road to … Continue reading

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Story: A Triangle Most Obtuse

[Shipping] Warning: M/M Description: Caramel has a huge crush on Big Mac that will never dare speak its name. But when he’s invited to the barn-raising celebration, will he work up the nerve to admit the truth? And what did … Continue reading

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Story: Duke Lionheart

A shoooort story by Jimbo. Someone sent me an image for it, bye Lyra =[ Description: A manly tale about the manliest man pony of Equestria who ever manned, man. Duke Lionheart

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Story: Cornsilk

[Shipping] Poor Luna, so desperate.. Description: need Cornsilk Chapter 1Cornsilk Chapter 2 Link Chapter 1/2

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Story: Pinkie Pie and Applejack’s Cooking Hour!

[Normal] Applejack teaching Pinkie Pie to cook something other than sweets? Maybe this will save her from the inevitable diabetes. Another one by Jimbo, enjoy! Pinkie Pie and Applejack’s Cooking Hour!

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Story: Batpink: I AM THE NIGHT

[Crossover] I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Pinkie Pie is a bad ass no matter what she is currently involved in. Last one by Jimbo for the night, more tomorrow. Batpink: I AM THE NIGHT

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