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Story: Nightmare State of Mind

[Normal] Author: Jetfire Description: Welcome, you poor, you flawed, you hopeless- welcome to the Queendom of Nocturne! Nightmare State of Mind Additional Tags: Nightmare, Darkness, crank your trance music Art Source

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Story: A Day for Spike and Twilight

[Normal] This one actually drops a bunch of references to dangerous business, for those wondering! Author: Jetfire Description: On a beautiful spring day, Twilight Sparkle finds herself alone- save for her oldest friend. A Day for Spike and Twilight Additional … Continue reading

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Story: It’s a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door (Update COMPLETE!)

[Normal][Adventure] Another Epic length adventure story for the masses! I wish I had time to read all of these, they really are my favorite. (Now Complete!  Read it! It's worth every second!) Author: Jetfire Description: When an accident leaves Twilight … Continue reading

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Story: The Sun Never Sets

[Sad] This one is supposed to remain mysterious, so have a cool image instead of one that is related! Author: Jetfire Description: A snapshot of a strange Equestria, far in the future. The Sun Never Sets Alternate Tags:  OCs, Surprise

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